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Ah man, a lot has happened since the last post. Covertlinks is getting mainstreamed, its now called Digital Nomad. The Digitalnomad is also a discussion group for anything related to computers and networking, although most of the discussion relates to privacy, security/insecurity on the Internet. College is going well, I got A's in Networking Technologies, Advance Netware 5 Admin. I have classes for Sevice and Support and Design and Implementation (two classes), plus I am taking Visual C++ programming. I am getting more serious in putting out resume's and trying to fit into mainstream public. Look forward to seeing more technical, mainstream networking NFO on the site.



Spring semster is long over. I have been working crowd control for rock concerts on the weekends - this job is a BLAST, Bob Dylan (deadheads were a riot), Sting, Ozzy Osborne and the Ozzfest (13 hours of hard rock! I worked the Mixer booth and shook hands with Pantera), and others that blur over with their similiar booze and puke stink, tipsy ladies and instant assholes(add alcohol) Someday I will tell you about the day all the deadheads cheered me at the Bob Dylan concert. I have been making some new friends to help take on the growing projects of Covertlinks. See the Associates page and meet The c0d3r and NICnac, these two newcomers will bring in more knowledge, and bandwidth to provide more stuff to feed your brain with here at Covertlinks. If anyone has seen Crash Dummy - tell him he needs to call home - he is MIA after moving to a new apt... Sun, hot days/cool waters, girls, beer, and girls ; ) may cause disruptions in service...The SmartCard Project is going to be a compilation of all the specifications, chip lay-out/architecture, protocols and crypto, pictures and diagrams of the VISA SmartCard and the Spyrus Smartcards - delays are are because most of the 300 pages of NFO is in PDF! I should just install a link to Adobe Acrobat...Fall Semster has me signed up for Advanced Netware 5 Admin, Network Architecture, and another class, hmm, I'll find out in the fall.. 


The Covertlinks website got many restless hours from me as I reorganized the site. The site has gotten so large that I have to find some kind of structure to keep the stuff in. You will begin to see more text files, relating to VPNs, digital signatures, and Smartcards, maybe biometrics. These are my current areas of interest now. Keep in touch. 


I got my report card from college, I recieved an 'A' in Novell Network Administration, and I got an 'A-' in Network Administration with Managewise 2.6. They gave me a certificate for the Managewise class, but this upcoming week I need to take the Cert test for Novell CNA ; ) Rock concerts are a BLAST! You missed me at the KISS, incubus/311 concerts, just to name a few. I learned a lot working a security job at a bank - Hyperscan Digital Transmission, which they used to transmit stills from a video system off-site. Javelin computer controlled camera system - all mouse! I learned how important authentication and access control was, and that its value, need, and implementation are all different variables that interact with each other, anyways - not to bore you. Soon you will be able to browse RFCs, the best I have selected. What are RFCs??? They are Request For Comments, documents related to the Internet, and Networks. People would pose a question and others would answer - you got the answers coming, including "Site Security Handbook" and "User Security Handbook"... Stay connected ; )



Ok, the essay of my trip to Costa Rica will be posted soon! The website should get plenty of attention, between working three jobs. I have no classes during the summer, so I plan to get some tan, do some reading, and work on this site. Text Files section will GROW, so watch out! I will cover topics for newbies, and people that may be a little out of touch. Also I will post technical stuff that I am just stashing here while I figure out what to do with it, stuff like the Visa Smart card, TCP/IP, firewalls, ports etc. So bear with me. For those of you that enjoy stalking me, you can try to find the C0VERTl at certain rock concerts in Michigan, the only tip I will give is - look for the sunglasses ; ) Have a safe summer and visit often as school is 'IN' at WWW.C0VERTLINKS.CJB.NET



I added more links for the computer security links page, check them out. They are on top, at the Links Page. School is doing well, I aced a Netware Admin 5 test. I plan to get the Novell exam after the class, so I hope to have my CNA in the summer. Work is up and down, traffic and crime keeps me busy. This summer I hope to do bike patrol work for another security company. I had wanted to quit this line of work and go back to a computer company but I will wait til I finish school. No, I still haven't decided to post the essay I wrote about Costa Rica. There are just some personal stuff in there I can't post here yet.. Keep in touch, and stay cool.



The trip to Costa Rica was ok. Not to offend the native Ticos, but CR is just a few steps out from being a third world country. I did type up over eight thousand words while I was down there. I am not sure I will post my thoughts here, maybe not yet. School started April 3rd, and I am having a blast in Netware 5.0 Admin and ManageWise, I got a cool teacher that allows me to do hands on. I might not spend much time with this website due to school and the soon to be warm weather because I will be out Mtn biking. This does not mean this site will be neglected. Be cool, catch ya later.



Well, this a.m., I get ready to depart for Costa Rica. I will not be back until the night of the 28th. This should be a nice break from school and work. I look forward to meeting another culture. The Ticos are supposed to be pretty friendly, although it is supposed to take awhile to get to know them personally, sorta like me. I am going down with my dad to see if we can start up some business there. He also wants to get a retirement home down there. I guess all I want is to take a long walk - the kind of walk where a deep introspective comes about. I feel a profound change is coming about. Lately I have had this noise in my head, like a wind. The noise comes about during the quiet periods between work, classes, and people. The sound is like the sound of a bike going faster and faster, or even a storm brewing. Its not a sign of evil or doom, its a sound that promises a break through to a higher level. At the end of the long walk, two things will happen. The noise will still be around, indicating some sort of discord, which means I was not ready for this break through. Or, I will be greeted with a silence, the kind of silence like a warm ray of sunshine on a calm day. I can't wait to step out into that light...



I am getting ready for the trip to Costa Rica, I leave next week. I plan to take my laptop so I can try to access the Net to check e-mail and write about my trip. I made contact with the University of CR and a few companies related to Computers and Security. My spanish will be pretty rough but my studies show that english is widely spoken. I will be staying in San Jose and travel in that area. School is out on the 18th, and begins again on April 3rd. Check out the new website, I cleaned things up some more as the pages are getting too big to load fast, and I changed the layout a bit. I haven't been in HFX or WHHS, no time with the last few days of school to deal with. Be cool, check back of March 26th for a report on Costa Rica!



Ah! Getting things fixed up at school, I always worked better underpressure ; ) I have read up on Novell 5.0 and ManageWise and I can't wait to get my hands on a system. I will be off to Costa Rica in the middle of March, I have made several contacts with computer companies and schools. The state of the internet and computing looks poor though from my studies, I am not sure some ideas will be feastable. As it stands, the CR government owns the only *poorly* operated ISP and has shut down several private ISPs, calling them "pirates". I don't spend much time with HFX and WHHS, too much ego, not enough data. Socially, I am just interacting with people at school and work, I value my private time and spend it on reading and studying on networks. I am quite pissed off, college is not moving fast enough for me.Be safe friends.



Fixing things up with the teachers at school, getting my grades back up. I joined HFX Org as they have many members, more information for my brain. I guess it would be a good idea to hang out with others of the same interest. I try to write about the importance about being a White Hat (good hacker), and that they need to get involved so lamers do not destroy the internet. The media is generalizing the term Hackers to mean we are all criminals. I added a few more links to my site (64 now!) I will write more text files later, maybe this research essay for comp II will be posted "I am a Hacker!"



Its the fifth week of Winter semester. Although I am turning in essays in Composition 2 that get "A" grades, I was told that I am failing the class because I don't show up and work with the other students. I have five more weeks to fix this, and it will certainly mess up my 3.76 GPA. In Comp 2, I am writing a series of papers on Computer security and privacy in the digital age. I hope the final research paper will be good enough by my standards to post on my site. I frequently throw away papers that would likely receive a good grade because they do not meet my standards. I just have trouble lowering my standards I guess. Basic Math isn't looking too good either. I choose to work my job as Campus Safety or 'play' on the computer. I plan on going to the Learning Support Center to take all the exams I have missed. At least Oral Communication isn't going bad, I get to talk about things I know well - Computers.



I joined the White Hat Hackers Society. I know this was unusal, I preached individuality. I dislike gangs, clans, and such. I point out that "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link." But, I joined the WHHS because I am starting to realize that my antisocial 'infection' has me losing opportunities to gain more knowledge. It is foolish to think that one can collect the vast resource of data alone. I try not to be selfish at WHHS, and share knowledge with those that make the attempt to seek it. The WHHS, though, seems to consist of others that have either lost interest or became so antisocial that they dropped out...



I started working seriously on my website. I guess I have overcome a certain paranoia of sharing information. You see, when things are hard earned, it is difficult to put it out in the open. I also blame my past, working law enforcement breeds a certain distrust of 'outsiders'. Now, as I have left Law Enforcement, I have also left friends behind. The change in me did not come suddently, I knew it was coming. It just took awhile for me allow it to show on the outside of me, to stop hiding it, to stop denying that it was happening. What is it? I guess you can say I have become more cerebal, instead of pleasures of the body, I seek pleasures of my brain. Its addictive, I love the feeling when a lightbulb lights up in my head. Another barrier breaks down.



My office is becoming a mess, I have text files and books scattered everywhere. There used to be beer bottles, new gadgets, useless magazines, music tapes and cd's all over. My hard drive is more organized than my place. Peices of papers with URL's, script hasily scribbled down, ideas jumbled. Before I used to wonder who the mystery girl was that I slept with the night before, if that piece of paper was a cryptic message of a name and phone number. Now, I wake up after a late night session, of the Internet, some drink (to balance the excitement), and try to remember where I was, 'who' I had pleasure with..


No log before this date, it took awhile to decide if I should record something I considered private.

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