What is a Computer Security Specialist?


A Computer Security Specialist is one that is tasked with the responsiblity of :

Producing and maintaining a official security policy and its documentation.

Monitoring, auditing, and testing systems for possible security problems or policy violations.

Monitoring security newsgroups, mailing list and adapting the system or policy as new tools or events occur.

Installing, configuring, patching and testing existing or new security products.

Developing security products for their systems.

Keeping up-to-date on new technologies or threats as it relates to the system in use.

Investigate and follow up on security related incidents, including contacting Law enforcement agencies.

Conduct training and awareness meetings with users and managers of the system to educate staff in security policies and tactics.



What are the Tools they use?


Firewall packages (hardware and software)

Password systems

Network/Server/Client based auditing tools

Network traffic analyzers

Encryption/Decryption tools

Virus detection, prevention and removal tools

Proxy software and tools

Application layer access control software


some information obtained from the Navy Fleet Internet Security Handbook.