NRL CCS Research Group

CCS Kerberos Supported Operating systems

                telnet    ftp       rsh       Kerberos
		                    rcp       POP

SunOS 4.1.x     Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes

SunOS 5.5	Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes
Solaris 2.5

Irix 5.x 	Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes

Irix 6.x	Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes

NetBSD		Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes

Linux   	Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes 

HP/UX 10 	Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes

AIX 3.x      	Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes

OSF/1 3.x   	Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes
Digital Unix

NeXTStep 3.x(6) Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes

Win 32          MIT(2)    No(5)     No        Eudora(4)

MacOS           NSCA(3)   No(5)     No        Eudora(4)

(1) Win32 refers to various Microsoft operating systems that support a 32-bit development environment. This includes Windows NT, Windows 98, and Windows 95. The kit does not support Win 3.11.

(2) The Win32 Kerberos distribution comes with a version of telnet that supports the Kerberos protocol. No other version of telnet on the Win32 platform is supported.

(3) Kerberos is supported with NCSA Telnet by the use of a special plugin. This plugin only supports Kerberos 4, and does not support ticket forwarding. However, if you encrypt your session (using the "Encrypt" checkbox in the Connection dialog) and run kinit on the remote system, this is secure.

(4) Currently the only mailer that supports Kerberos POP on Wintel and Mac platforms is Eudora. This only works with versions 2.1 and newer of Eudora. Newer versions of Eudora Lite also support Kerberos.

(5) Win32 and MacOS users can user a local ftp daemon to ftp back _to_ their personal workstations (since these platforms currently do not have Kerberized ftp clients.) Note that the password used on your local workstation for the ftp account should not be the same one user on our systems.

(6) Untested on NeXTStep versions newer than 3.0, but will probably work.