Customizing Windoze
By -=CrAsH DuMmY=-

If you are like me, or like many newbies, you are probably using Windoze for hacking. Some UNIX users calling themselves "real hackers" may laugh at
you saying that Windoze is unsecure, unstable and is an OS for lamers. Well it is true that Windoze is unstable and unsecure in its default installation and
that LINUX makes hacking much more easier. But I think that there's nothing wrong hacking from a Windoze box and that "real hackers" should know how
to hack from as many OS as possible. So in this tutorial, we will learn a way to improve Windoze's stability and customizability by changing the operating
system's graphical user interface. Many of you surely know how to hex edit explorer.exe ( the Windoze GUI ). For thoses who don't know what I'm talking
about, hex editing explorer.exe allow you to change names like renaming "start" to "yourname". This can be fun but the problem is that it is always the
same old unstable explorer.exe with a bit cooler look. One interesting way to improve the stability is to simply use another GUI for Windoze. I recommend using Litestep. You can find it at The main advantage of Litestep over explorer.exe is that it allows you to fully customize everything.You can throw away the task bar if you want or place it where ever you want on the desktop. You can also create you own task bar with ( just an exemple ) five scrolling menus. There are aroung 750 different themes you can download and you can even create your own. Also, one other big plus for Litestep is that it is titally free under the GNU lisence. Well I think it is worthing that you go on their site and at least read a bit about it. Also, Litestep will run dirrectly on top of Windoze at the same level as explorer.exe would and not on top of explorer.exe so it will not slow down your CPU performances.

Now lets suppose you want to use Litestep.... First, you have to push aside explorer.exe and tell the system to boot with Litestep. To do this just open the system.ini file and under [boot] replace the line shell=explorer by shell=litestep.exe. If you want, you can also make a little simple batch file using errorlevels that you will load in autoexec.exe to decide which OS GUI you want to use each time you boot.
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