Intermediate Anonymity
for W95/98

Hello to one and all. I see you are ready for your 2nd dose of anonymity training.
This lesson will include the acquisition of several new programs for your PC. If you will follow these instructions you'll have an arsenal ofanonymity to choose from.
For those of you who come directly from Simple Anonymity I just want to say thank you for hanging in there and persevering. If you haven'tused the simple scripts for remailing yet I suggest you do so now. You never know when your isp's news server is going to go down. In the 'likely' event of that happening, you'll have your simple anonymity to fall back on and you may post or E-Mail with little inconvenience.

It's time to get your computer ready for Intermediate Anonymity.
Open windows explorer and give a left-click on your C: line and
then click File|New|Folder and name the folder ANON.
Repeat those steps to create the folders: PGP, MIX, TMP and JBN.
Whenever you download an anon program, make the ANON folder the destination.
You'll also need an unzipping program like WinZip
Let's do some downloading :-))))


First, go here:
When asked for a download destination, hit [BROWSE] to C:\ANON
PGP is the cornerstone of anonymity. It scrambles your 'real' messages so well the government once (and probably still does) wanted the
originator, Philip R. Zimmermann, thrown into prison after he released the source code.

Aegis Shell 3.0

Second, you'll download the Aegis Shell 3.? for Win 95 into C:\ANON
Don't run the install just yet as it will go much easier a while later.
You won't use the shell except on occasion but, it's a great tool.
This program was first developed for the military to use for privacy and is so,so simple to use. We'll get to the install after JBN has been
configured and the JBN 'Install Wizards' deal with the installation of PGP and Mixmaster.
There does seem to be an intentional snafu with this program and it's copying of your passwords to the registry. I still use the shell but I am
behind a firewall @;~)/


Now, go here:
As usual, make the destination C:\ANON
This program was 1st prepared by Lance Cottrell, a well known anonymity master. This is a program which further scrambles your PGP


Now, go here: Jack B. Nymble
Download JBN version (1.36) to your C:\ANON folder like all the others.
You'll see a notice about an updated version of JBN v2.1x and I'm aware of the program and am doing my best to come up to speed ASAP. If
you're a program junkie and can figure anything out very easily then just go ahead and do the 2.1. Besides that, there's some great help guidesthat come with the JBN2.1 download@;~)/

All Done?

Lets install these programs

Open your windows explorer and open the ANON folder:
There are all the programs you just downloaded.
Let's start with the foundation of anonymity, PGP.
Double-click on the PGP zip file and when asked where to install the unzipped files, browse to C:\PGP.
Now go to the PGP Folder and open it up.
Inside you'll find some files and folders and another zip file.
Double-click on that and when asked for a place to unzip the files, browse to C:\PGP.
That's it! Don't mess with nothing...that comes later.

Open the ANON folder again and double-click on the MIX204b45 zip file.
when asked for the destination, browse to C:\MIX.

If I were you I'd open my connection to the internet right now.

Go back to the anon folder and double-click the JBN zipped file.
This is a great program with an Install shield for perfect installations.
There is also a really good help file which, if one takes the time to 'really'look,
will answer most questions. Open the JBN folder and double-click on the sunglass icon.
As I recall, you'll come face to face with a window called, 'USER PROFILE'.

It'll look like this

Enter your real e-mail addy, e-mail name, smtp server, pop 3 server & name, & pop 3 password.
Now, this is important, Press the [Active] button in & press 'Update Profile'.

Next comes the 'Global Settings' window.

It'll look like this

Make the workpath C:\TMP if it isn't already.
Hit the 'Remailers' tab; put C:\MIX in the mixpath box.

It'll look like this

In the Cypherpunk Statistics URLs boxes put,

In the mixmaster Statistics box put,

In the Mixmaster type 2 list put,

In the mixmaster pubring.mix box put,

And finally, for the Cypherpunks Keys URL put,
When you're done, press update.

Now go up to the top of your JBN main screen and press Tools|Wizards|Install PGP
and follow the instructions. When you're done press Tools|Wizards|Install Mixmaster
and follow instructions.
Here is a great place to open the help file.
Now go up to the top of your JBN main screen and press Window|Stats Book|Tools|Update Cpunk Keys
Do the same again W|S B|T|Update Mixmaster List & Keys
Check to see you've done the right things and continue down the list of things to do.

Once you begin to interact with pgp keysources, you'll occasionally be asked,
"Do you want to use these keys? y/N " and you'll answer, y (& press enter)
"Do you want to certify these keys? y/N " and you'll answer N (& press enter)

Nym Creation (Step-by-Step)

Window|Nym Accounts|New|
AcctAddy: YourNym
SecKeyPass: ??????????????
Send Pass to PGP As: Environment
Press [Create Key]
(You go to dos)
It asks for key size
type 2047 if you've got PGP2.62 or 2048 if you've got 2.63
Type your addy like this:YourNym(space)(open bracket < ) bracket)
Type your passphrase:
I use a long (20) series of numbers and letters which have meaning to me.
Do the random bits thing (you go back to JBN)
Type in your UserID/KeyID: Press[Update]
Open your Nym Folder
open XRecipe.nbk
click the [*] at the end
click your new nym once and go to the top
and copy everything between the " "s.
Then double click the nym (your back at the XRecipe)
Paste your copied stuff in the From: box
Check[x]Send Key
Check[x]Signsend, Cryptrecv, Fixedsize, Fingerkey & Nobcc
Clear comment box
Block 1, Press [Active] (Check the other blocks/make unactive)
Click Nym-Server in the green section,click[Remove]
Click the top remailer, Click [Remove] until all that is left is 'Nym-Server' only.
Go to the Encrypt-Key line,Press[R]
Enter the 22 or ?? strokes asked for. Press [Add]
If you have Nym-Server ;E-K siqweo9583q4porjv3...(good :-)
Go back to the remailer box
Delete the E-K stuff in the box below.
Select cracker, press [Add]
Select squirrel, press [Add]
Final Headers Section
Req-Rem-To: Your e-mail address
Press [&Open] (you get a screen) Create a new entry? Press [Yes]
Type in your passphrase (you're in the message book to NAN)
From the remailers box, Select cracker, Select squirrel, Press [Send]
You may X out of that screen (you should have XRecipe Nym Book up)
At the top, Select File|Save Book As| type 'your nymname' And your done.
You have a copy of your nym request right there in your Nym Folder.
When you get your confirms they should auto decrypt if you set that up under
View Mail|View|Decrypted Message

If you have problems of any kind whatsoever, and you can't find the answer
to them in the help file, you may e-mail me at
or just subscribe to [alt.privacy.anon-server], and post your problem with the subject:
JBN 1.36 HELP!
I hang out there and hopefully will see your post and reply quickly.
There are also some VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE INDIVIDUALS there who can help with most any program you use.

Installing the AEgis Shell

As i recall, this is all very straight forward. IF you have problems try this addy:
You may go up to the [Admin]tab on top, then [Generate Your Key].
For your first key you may simply use your regular e-mail addy like this: YourNym(space)(open bracket < )
Remember to write down your password(s). Then encrypt a simple message to yourself and send it to yourself.
When it arrives, paste it(Starting with -----Begin PGP Message-----
& ending with-----End PGP Message-----) into the [Decrypt A Message] box and press [Decrypt Message]

There will be more on this subject of anonymity as soon as I can scribble it down.
Created November 21, 1998
14th update
March, 03, 2000