RC4 : Rubi-Con4 Detroit April 2002

covert_one's story in pictures

Before the Aftermath.....

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I am sure this is the place

I am pretty sure I am at the right hotel, the geeks unloading a mom's van full of network components. Note Marriot bus in sideview mirror, whoa!

Rubi-Con 4 Reception

The reception area for RC4, Brian DeLine is on left, on registration. Rick Forno, Infowarrior browses for a cool RC4 t-shirt to wear for work.

Networking room early Friday

The network room, about 11:30am Friday. Note the cables on the floor. The guys in the center, right had setup a table for sniffing wireless traffic in the hotel.

beginnetrm02.jpg (1910999 bytes)

Another shot of the network room. I wanted to post this photo as "RAM", a character in my story is in this one...

RC4 Begins! 11:45am Friday

Rubi-Con4 Begins, Brian Deline hands out the first badge and NFO packet. The line was about 40 feet long and stayed that way until 4:00pm.

A crappy shot with a disposable camera, the line for registration and a couple of guys sniffing the airwaves for wireless traffic, note antennae the guy on the right has.

that damn green cable!

This is the famous scene in the hallway when management found the green CAT 5 cable running across the building. Look closely, you can see Red Jacket-houseboy, the short manager, "Amin", the tall black maintence guy, and a maid, from right to left. Then I ran..

I heard other RC4 members had shitty rooms, I got this nice one for cheaper thanks to my AAA card! I have my box setup for writing not hacking.