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This site is a public access resource for the professional and educational aspects of Network Security Administration.

C0VERTl, his associates, its ISPs, and Hosts do not condone illegal activities and by entering this site you acknowledge that you take full responsibility for the use of any software, or information found here and in the links on this site. You understand that some software, technical information, or tactics may be illegal if mis-used or even used. The purpose of this site is to provide resources for securing Networks and computers, the insecurity aspects have to be included to obtain a full understanding of the purpose of Network Security Administration.


C0VERTl's Links These are the best, frequently accessed websites I use to stay up-to-date on the News, Tactics, and Software.
Other Links These are cool links that I found, I put them here as they may not apply to Network Security.
Resources This is the link to resources that are frequently needed, like Port Number look-up, File Extensions look-up, Whois, etc.
Software The CovertLinks Software collection consist of tools that are used by Sysadmins as well as digital nomads.
Text Files This is a collection of text files for the benefit of neophytes and the experienced.

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