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Worm paves way for crippling DDoS attack

By Patrick Gray, ZDNet Australiaxworm.gif (3746 bytes)

10 March 2003

Although the experts are not yet rating this worm as a high-risk to users, the technical make-up of the Trojans it leaves behind is of concern. They consist of a commonly used piece of network administration software called Virtual Network Computing (VNC), and an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) "bot".

The VNC component allows an attacker to connect to an infected system and control it as if they were in front of it. They have full access through a graphical user interface.

The IRC bot, when activated, connects to a remote server and waits for commands, which could mean that infected systems are going to be used for a massive DDoS attack




IT job losses

[PC Pro] 9:34

The IT sector in the US lost over half a million jobs during 2001-2, according to the latest report from the trade group AeA.

The total figure of 560,000, which comes from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, demonstrates the extent to which the industry has been affected by the downturn in both corporate spending and consumer demand for new computer hardware.

The majority of the decline, according to the report, came from manufacturing, which lost over 400,000 employees during the period, a decrease of 20 per cent taking the total number down to 1.62 million people.

Software related jobs also declined by a lesser 0.4 per cent, or 9,300 jobs, to 2.19 million. The report states that the total number of 'high tech service' jobs fell by 4 per cent, or 144,600 jobs to 3.52 million.








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